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If sex doesn’t feel as good as it used to or you just can’t feel much at all anymore, vaginal tightening treatments can restore strength and sensation to your vaginal and vulvar tissues. At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery in Alamo Heights, Boerne, and San Antonio, vaginal tightening with the Candela™ CO2RE® Intima medical laser tones and improves the appearance and function of your most intimate parts. To set up a vaginal tightening consultation, call the knowledgeable and caring team at Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery today.

Vaginal Tightening Q & A

What is vaginal tightening?

As you age, your skin loses shape and elasticity due to the breakdown of key building blocks, such as the proteins collagen and elastin. Your vagina, vulva, and other urogenital tissues also lose collagen and elastin, especially as your hormones shift and your estrogen levels drop during perimenopause and menopause.

Vaginal tightening restores tone and firmness to your vagina and vulva by stimulating the production of new, strengthening collagen and elastin. Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery uses the Candela™ CO2RE® Intima laser system for its safety, precision, and superior results.

What benefits can I expect with vaginal tightening?

A vaginal tightening procedure with Intima restores and tones all of your urogenital tissues, including your bladder. After a series of three treatments spaced three weeks apart, you can expect such benefits as:

  • Tighter vagina
  • More lubrication
  • Increased sensation
  • Less urinary incontinence
  • More youthful outward appearance

The Intima restores your intimate tissues without hormones or surgery, with treatments that take just 10 minutes.

How does the Intima work?

The Intima is a CO2 laser that heats the tissues in your vagina and vulva so that they undergo a process called neocollagenesis. Your skin then starts to rebuild itself with new strands of collagen, which make your skin stronger, thicker, and firmer. You also produce new elastin, which makes your skin pliable and resilient.

Your practitioner uses two different single-use attachments to treat both your external tissues, such as your labia and vulva, and your vagina internally. The vaginal attachment features 360-degree rotation so that the entire length and breadth of your vagina is rejuvenated with laser energy.

When do I see the benefits of vaginal tightening?

Neocollagenesis is a process that takes months to complete. However, many women notice a difference in the texture and look of their vulva and vagina a couple of weeks after their first treatment. 

Symptoms such as urinary incontinence, lack of lubrication, and lack of sensation continue to improve over the next few weeks and with subsequent treatments. The team recommends annual follow-up treatments to maintain your results.

To find out if you’re a candidate for vaginal tightening with the CO2RE Intima CO2 laser, call the helpful, discreet Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery team.