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My CoolSculpting Experience: 

"Even after dieting and working out, I found myself unhappy with my stubborn belly fat and my problematic love handles. I was hesitated on getting liposuction, mostly because of the pain and downtime involved. I decided to have Coolsculpting.

Let me just say, it absolutely worked! At first, once the applicator is placed it suctions to your skin, it feels cold and a bit uncomfortable but a few minutes it becomes numb. I have pretty high pain tolerance I didn’t think the pain was too bad. Once the treatment is completed, the applicator is removed and the area must be massaged for a few minutes to help break up the fat cells. This process would probably be uncomfortable without the warm towels. You see as your tissue being to warm up and nerves wake up, it feels very achy which the warmth of the towel made it better. Each area continue to be tender to the touch and numbness for a little while. It felt like workout muscle sore.

Within 6 weeks I began to see results, with a 12 weeks timeframe expect a full results. The results are long lasting and I need to continue a healthy life style to reach my ideal physique.

Overall my experience with CoolSculpting at Lopez Plastic Surgery was amazing and I am beyond thrilled with my results. The attentive and awesome service I received from Ashley, Kendall and Daniella exceeded my CoolSculpting experience. They are truly AMAZING!  Thank you for making my Coolsculpting treatment enjoyable! Be sure to check back here for my before and after results." -LucyM

My CoolSculpting experience:

Let me just say, it absolutely worked!

The attentive and awesome service I received from Ashley, Kendall and Daniela exceeded my CoolSculpting experience. They are truly AMAZING!

Overall, my experience with CoolSculpting at Lopez Plastic Surgery was amazing and I am beyond thrilled with my results. Thank you for making my Coolsculpting treatment enjoyable! -LM

My CoolSculpting experience:

This is my 2nd session on my inner and outer thighs and I absolutely LOVE my results! I cannot believe I lost fat during my lunch break while watching Netflix. Within 6 weeks, I began to see results. Vicki and Abby are amazing! They are very professional, attentive, compassionate and caring. I could not be any happier with my results!-LM

"Had giant “hole” in my face from Mohs surgery. Manny did a great job fixing the scare (no pain at all). Very pleased with results!

"So, I can not speak highly enough about the services I received from Dr. Lopez and his staff. I had a nodule removed from my forehead that I had for at least 15 years. I kid you not! Dr. Lopez made me feel very confident that he could remove it without any trouble and he did! I feel so much better about myself I can not put it into words. I hated it! I am very thankful for Dr. Manny and I highly recommend him! Yes, removing the staples was not pleasant, but he and Cynthia did their very best to keep me calm and comfortable and I would do it over again in a heartbeat. Dr. Manny, thank you so very very much. I appreciate you and everything you did for me! If you are looking for a Plastic Surgeon with great bedside manner, great staff, very nice facility...this is the place to go!"

"I have never had such an attentive doctor and such great results! Dr. Lopez listened to me when I told him my concerns, gave me his expert advice, and delivered 100%! I look at least ten years younger but natural, without the 'plastic' look that so many end up with. I know that if I have any other procedures, he will be the man holding the scalpel!"

"A while back I had a terrible experience with a Dr. here in town who had performed a Rhinoplasty on me! Needless to say the results were not what I expected or wanted.  It was horrible! That's when I decided to see Dr. Lopez. He was so helpful and positive. He assured me that he could fix my nose and I would feel and look great. That's exactly what he did. I never could have imagined being this happy!! Thanks to Dr. Lopez I am more confident then I've ever been!"

"I had my lower face, neck and eyes lifted. I didn't want a drastic change in my look after the procedure. My procedure was perfect. I look very natural and the lift was worth it. You must be patient. It takes time to heal, but worth the wait. You will be sore and swollen for a few months. Follow your doctors orders and be patient."

"I had sagging neck and chin skin. As I got older it became more evident. I looked tired and old, but I don't feel old. The mini lift was the best solution for me. I get botox and fillers and it was becoming too expensive so this was no longer a solution for m. The entire experience went well. I was given step by step information. The surgery itself was not bad. I was in pain for about 3 days after that it was just bruising. Went back to work in one week."

"Had my mini face lift 5 weeks ago! I am so pleased with my results! Dr. Lopez and his staff are the best! Dr had great bedside manners throughout the procedure and very attentive after the procedure. His staff is nice and very prompt. I did lots of research prior to my decision on dr selection! Dr. Lopez came highly recommended and he will not disappoint. I highly recommend him to all."

"In April 2012 I met with Dr. Manny Lopez to discuss a lower facelift and ask his opinion about my eyes. He addressed my concerns and suggested he do a lower facelift and lower eyes. He was professional and courteous and best of all did not try to talk me into doing more than I wanted to have done! He was thorough in his explanation of what I might expect."

"Few decisions in my 71 years have been better than choosing Dr. Manny Lopez to improve my neck, face and eyes. I'm thrilled with the outcome and am constantly told how good I look. I am not pulled in any way and my close friends and family think I look like myself only better. My nurse friend who helped me after the surgery said it was the best work she'd ever seen and she does have experience. The other comment was, "you look like you've been stitched on a machine.....little tiny even stitches"! By the way the stitches no longer show and I have no stitches in front of my ears, which I have seen on others who had the surgery done by someone else. Dr. Lopez was totally available to me after the surgery and his staff was perfect! I have only glowing comments to make about him, the procedure and his staff."

"First time Rhinoplasty. Dr. Lopez performed the procedure on a Monday, and I was back at work that same Thursday on no pain meds. From start to finish this surgery went flawlessly. Extremely happy with results! Very little pain. Minimal swelling. Turned out better than I expected. Pre-op and post care were excellent. I'm a Registered Nurse and Dr. Lopez has an excellent reputation in the medical community."

"Dr. Lopez makes you look your best self possible. He makes slight revisions so that no one knows exactly what is different, but everyone knows you look better! Clearly Dr. Lopez is an expert in his field. He is confident but not cocky. Professional and personable. Excellent overall experience and his staff is top notch!"

"I am a 51 year old woman and started noticing in photos that I had some fat under my chin and that my skin was not as tight. I began researching plastic surgeons in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. There was no question that Dr. Lopez was by far the best there is. When I scheduled my consultation, I thought I might as well get a few other things done. Dr. Lopez talked me out of it. He said my neck and chin were the only things that needed work. I was so impressed by how ethical he was. The surgery was exactly what they described, the surgical center was state of the art and his staff was exceptional. I was back in my normal routine almost a week ahead of schedule. It was so much easier than I had anticipated."

"To get straight to the point, Dr. Lopez's patients simply look years younger without changing the way they look. That was extremely important to me. I have had more people say that I look younger and so rested before they had any idea that I had surgery. In my opinion, Dr. Lopez is the best plastic surgeon in Texas and I will never consider going to anyone else. I know many of his patients in a wide range of ages and the thing they all have in common is how wonderful they look and that they still look like themselves."

"I went to see Dr Manny Lopez for botox in 2011, but REALLY wanted to get rid of my puffy under eye bags. We discussed the surgery at length, and he and his staff answered ALL of my questions, no matter how many times I called! So I scheduled it for Jan 2012, and I LOVE LOVELOVE the results! He did an amazing job...my before and after pictures at one yr out are like night and day! He even came into his office on a weekend to make sure I was doing ok...now how many Doctors do you know that would do that??? I trust him 110% with any and all future procedures I choose to get done. I think his staff is wonderful too!! they always ask me how I am, and remember little details about me that I find very comforting. They are WONDERFUL!!!!"

"My experience with Dr. Lopez performing my rhinoplasty was everything I wanted and more. He was extremely professional, had a great bedside manner and was sensitive to my every concern. I was anxious about the procedure but he reassured me every step of the way. I highly recommend Manuel Lopez. He exceeded my every expectation! I am two months post surgery and am ecstatic about the results!I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lopez. His attention to detail, great beside manner and professionalism make him an ideal doctor for my surgical needs. He is without a doubt the BEST in the San Antonio area if not perhaps country! -L.D."

"Dr. Manuel Lopez did an eyelid lift, brow lift and lower face lift for me. He was very professional, honest and made me feel very comfortable able the procedures. Dr. Lopez did an amazing job and is a perfectionist with his work. I have recommended him to friends, family and co-workers. Can't go wrong using Dr. Lopez."

"Great availability and very professional staff at my Botox appt today. I'm always pleased with my results after seeing Dr. Lopez. I get a lot of compliments on how fresh my face always looks and I highly recommend him to all my friends and anyone who is considering Botox. I plan to continue seeing him for a very long time to stay looking young!"

"He's always very caring and friendly. I never feel rushed and he goes out of his way to understand my needs and concerns.

I just had my sculptra treatment 4 months a ago and I look great. I turned 43 this year and I look fresh and natural which is all a girl can ask. I did the 3- rounds of treatment with him when I was 41 and this was my "2 year" update treatment. It looks wonderful. I can't wait for my 25 year class reunion in the fall now!"

"I would trust Dr Lopez with anything. He has performed botox for the last 4 years, he has removed a large mole from my face with no marks, and he has performed the sculptra treatment. He is the kindest and most professional Dr I have ever encountered."

"After years of contemplating a "nose job" and getting 4 different opinions, I finally found a specialist that I could trust to do the operation. He was a great listener, had a vision for the changes that I wanted, and delivered fantastic results! It is such a major decision to alter the look of your face, but I assure you that Dr. Lopez is the only surgeon in town that I would choose for a facial operation."

"Dr. Lopez answered all my questions clearly and even checked on me after my surgery on Thanksgiving Day! I appreciated his expertise and patient care."

"Dr. Lopez gave me a neck and lower face lift in 2012. My post op results are fantastic. I get compliments on my appearance every day. My face and neck look completely natural and unpulled. If I decide to do any additional facial work, Dr. Lopez is the only surgeon I would trust. He truly changed my life and I would and have recommended him to anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery. I have referred several friends to Dr. Lopez and they have all been thrilled with their surgery results."

"I have always wanted to rid of some stuff and fat but I never wanted to get invasive liposuction..when I heard about this new technology cool sculpting, a non invasive way of getting rid of stubborn fat. I did my research and I found Dr Manuel Lopez..I went to the office located off of Broadway and got all the information I needed the pricing was so affordable that I could not pass up this deal..dr. Lopez staff was very friendly and informative and took care of my concerns.  The part I love best was that I was in an out in the same day I had very little down time no pain and I was able to hit the spots that were bothering me..I did my midsection my love handles and my lower back the results are amazing and its only been 3 weeks...I would definitely recommend this procedure also Dr Manuel Lopez practice to my family and friends."

"Dr Manuel Lopez was very informative and has great knowledge on this new technology of cool sculpting..he was very professional and very affordable this is one of many procedures that I would do with him my next procedure is getting a neck lift and a chin implant. I look forward to working withDr Lopez again and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get new look without all the unnecessary pain. Thank you for the good work dr. Lopez."

"I recently had a necklift with Dr Manuel Lopez and when I had that done I also had a chin implant installed. After my initial consultation for my neck lift, I asked dr. Lopez to also install a chain implant...he installed the perfect one to make my face look symmetrical and perfectly correct it was another great decision that we made...one thing that I really loved about dr. Lopez was that we made the decisions together my opinion mattered as well as his professional opinion and together we came up with the perfect plan..and the outcome was amazing. having a doctor who is turned about my surgery what is very important to me the way dr. Lopez and his staff to care me was amazing..I would recommend his practice to anyone who is looking for an affordable yet precise surgeon."

"Dr Manuel Lopez was very professional and meticulous on my procedure I would recommend him to any family or friend or anyone who is looking to get an affordable and very professional result..all of his certifications and services in the military we're very impressive and definitely put to the test when it came to change in my life..he did a wonderful job and he definitely changed my life forever thank you Dr Manuel Lopez."

"As I've gotten older I noticed my eye lids getting heavier. I looked tired and sleepy. I tried Botox and it did wonders, after only two visits Dr. Manuel Lopez suggested surgery. It's been a year since my surgery and I really don't need botox anymore. My eyes look great! Dr. Lopez saved me a lot of money and time. He recommended what was right for me although it cost him a regular client. I think Dr. Lopez is everything a person expects in a plastic surgeon. He is honest, sincere and makes his recommendations based on your needs not his."

"I was referred to Dr. Lopez by several different people. I had already interviewed a few plastic surgeons and set my date for my procedure but was not completely sure. I went for a consultation with Dr Lopez. His staff was very professional and friendly. The office was state of the art and pristine. Dr Lopez was so down to earth and very personable. After viewing many of his before and afters I was convinced( finally) that he was the plastic surgeon for me. I cancelled with the other Dr. And scheduled with Dr. Lopez. After 10 days of recovery, I returned to work! My clients and coworkers were astonished at how natural I look but much more youthful and rested! I have referred at least 20 people to Dr. Lopez for cosmetic surgery or Botox. Every single person has fallen in love with him and his work."

"He was generous enough to correct an incision made by a different plastic surgeon that was scarred thick and raised. Who does that? Manuel Lopez did! I would refer him to anyone! Had 2 moles removed from my face with him as well! I wouldn't let anyone else touch my face but Dr Lopez. Best thing I ever did for myself!!!!!"

"Dr. Lopez is by far the best facial plastic surgeon in San Antonio. He truly is the whole package; a kind gentleman, a gifted surgeon and a true artist. From the minute I walked into his office, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Lopez and his staff are friendly, professional and honest. Dr. Lopez is a perfectionist who goes above and beyond to understand his patient’s needs and deliver amazing results. He performed a great rhinoplasty on me with results I could only dream of. I am so happy with how beautiful and natural my nose looks. I’d highly recommend Dr. Lopez to anyone seeking perfection. You will not be disappointed."

"Super happy with the results! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am very grateful to Dr. Lopez for all that he has done. - H.B. - facelift, midfacelift, browlift"

"I have had a great experience with Dr. Lopez. He has done a great job with my surgery and has taken very good care of me. He is a great doctor and we need more like him. - D.G.- rhinoplasty"

"Dr. Lopez and the entire staff were so caring and professional. I was totally confident from the first moment I met Dr. Lopez. There was No Bad! Today I am totally pleased with my results and follow-up. Dr. Lopez has skills blessed by God and anyone in the future will know he is not only skilled but a true gentleman. - C.H.- facial resurfacing"

"I am extremely pleased with my results. Thank you Dr. Lopez for taking such great care of me. - D.G.- rhinoplasty"

"We are very pleased with Dr. Lopez’s work. My son’s ears look amazing. We appreciate his attention to detail and his careful nature. He is extremely thorough and follows through with all expectations. We feel greatly blessed to have such a highly skilled surgeon working on our son’s ears. Thank you so much!< - L.S.- otoplasty"

"Totally outstanding results! My breathing is absolutely fantastic! Dr. Lopez was awesome and I am absolutely happy about both the care I received and the fantastic results! Thank you!"

"I can not be more pleased with Dr. Lopez. He is a great doctor and a great person. - B.M.- facial resurfacing"

"Dr. Lopez is a great listener and extremely knowledgeable. He took excellent care of me before, during and after my surgery. My results are marvelous. Thank you for being so friendly Dr. Lopez. - S.M.- revision rhinoplasty"

"I can not be more pleased with Dr. Lopez and the results of the procedure performed on my neck. His care and concern for his patients is without equal. His preparation ensured that I had a full understanding of what the procedure would do. I am thrilled with the final results of both the personal interest displayed by Dr. Lopez as well as the difference the surgical procedure made in my appearance. - L.M. - necklift"

"Dr. Lopez possesses the main ingredient in being a successful doctor in any field he chooses; he is a genuine from the heart. Dr. Lopez took this nearly 70 year old face and created a near miracle. He possesses interpersonal skills rare today- honesty, integrity, and plain old fashion common sense. Any patient would never be disappointed in his abilities. - M.M. - facelift, midfacelift"

"I am completely satisfied, even thrilled, with the results of my eyelid surgery. My recovery was quick and my friends tell me my face looks years younger. The reduction in the puffiness is wonderful. I would have the surgery again without hesitation. - L.N. - upper and lower eyelid surgery"

"Dr. Lopez is an excellent doctor, surgeon, and human being. I appreciate all he has done for me; he is caring, professional, and a very talented surgeon. Thank you! - A.S. - upper eyelid surgery"

"I have been very pleased with my surgery. I do not feel as if I have three chins or a frown on my face anymore. I receive positive comments on my “refreshed look” on a weekly basis. Most people don’t know I have had surgery and ask me what I’ve been doing to myself and tell me whatever it is you look 15-20 years younger. I love it!! I would definitely recommend these procedures to other men and women wanting a “refreshed look”. - V.S. - browlift, upper eyelid surgery, midfacelift, facelift"

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