Classic Facial

A 45 minute introductory facial for those who aren't quite sure what their skin needs or have never experienced a facial before. This custom facial includes an ultrasonic cleanse, exfoliation level chosen based on your skin condition, extractions, Ultrasonic infusion to plump and hydrate the skin, and a mask. During your treatment we will guide you through the process of caring for your skin no matter your level of experience.

Teen Facial

The teen facial is a 40 minute facial made to address any concerns regarding your adolescents skin. This tailored treatment will include a deep cleanse of the skin, extractions, and a mask. During the treatment we will also focus on educating your teen on how to properly care for their skin.

Dermaplaning Facial

A 50 Minute facial that includes: Dermaplaning; a form of exfoliation performed with a surgical blade to shave off dead skin cells, in the process removing any unwanted vellus hair ( Peach fuzz) leaving the skin brighter and smoother benefiting product penetration as well as smoother makeup application.

What is the benefit of regular facial treatments?

Doing facials regularly is a great way to improve any textural concerns, maintain a healthy level of cellular turnover, and keep the skin clean from any congestion.

What products do we use?

We use a combination of products from each line we carry during treatment to customize your service based on your skin's condition and your goals.

Will it make me break out?

With facial treatments there is always a risk of bringing something up to the surface.

Can I wear Makeup?

You are able to wear makeup after a facial if you have somewhere requiring it however we recommend refraining from make up for the rest of the day for best results

Can I workout after?

We recommend avoiding going to the gym or the pool after treatment

Post service:

It is recommended to avoid retinoids and exfoliants for 3 days before and after, excessive sun exposure for 5-7 days ( wear your hats and SPF). If you have any other questions regarding one of our facial services, book a consultation and one of our licensed medical aestheticians will be able to work with you on your specific skin needs.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic drainage is the process of moving the lymphatic fluid through the body to relieve fluid build up. The hydrafacial lymphatic technology uses a gentle high pressure suction to massage and drain your lymphatic fluid increasing circulation, depuffing, detoxifying, and reducing inflammation. This treatment encourages the lymph to circulate the waste and toxins to be removed through your lymph nodes. This treatment is a relaxing way to detoxify the skin, decrease inflammation, reduce puffiness and sinus pressure, improve healing time post op, and firm and tone the skin.

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