Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), nasal cosmetic surgery, is performed to improve the nose aesthetically - making it harmonize better with the other facial features - while maintaining or improving function. Because it is the most defining feature of the face, the size and shape of the nose has a significant impact on a person's appearance. Dr. Lopez's goal in rhinoplasty is to minimize the attention that is given to the nose in order to accentuate the beauty of the eyes.

Some patients want their nose to be straight, others want the nostrils narrowed, and others say their nose sticks out too far from their face. Because the nasal tip loses support as we age, some patients are surprised to realize how significantly rhinoplasty contributes to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Lopez shapes the nose to blend into the face, so that the eyes become more of the focus of attention.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is more challenging than primary rhinoplasty for several reasons. First is the altered "geography" of the nose. At the time of the primary rhinoplasty, distorted cartilage was removed to make the nose straight and restore function. Therefore, in revision rhinoplasty, the cartilage needed for reconstruction is no longer available. Depending on the amount of cartilage that remains, the need to borrow cartilage from behind one ear (an auricular graft) or even from a rib (costal cartilage graft) to restore nasal form and function is not uncommon.

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