One of the most common concerns that Dr. Lopez hears is that patients look older than they feel. Many patients want to eliminate a tired or "angry" appearance around the eyes. Some want to elevate a "saggy" eyebrow over the upper eyelids. Other patients want to eliminate the frown lines between the eyes.

Dr. Lopez performs a browlift to restore a more naturally youthful appearance and less tired look while maintaining or improving visual function. Once thought a beauty procedure afforded only to wealthy women, many men are increasingly seeking browlift to restore a younger look that softens frown lines and the perception of scowling.

Depending on the position of the brow, a patient may need only a browlift, only upper eyelid lift or a combination of both these procedures.

Dr. Lopez uses various techniques to lift the brows. An endoscopic browlift is done by making small incisions behind the hairline and using a telescope along with endoscopic instruments to perform the surgery. When the telescope is inserted under the skin, the area is displayed on a television screen. Patients with high hairlines may benefit from a pretrichial browlift where an incision is made just at the anterior hairline and the position of the hairline can be lowered along with lifting the brows. In males with deep forehead wrinkles, a direct or mid-forehead browlift can be done where the incision is placed right in a wrinkle that hides the incision extremely well.

Many patients seek information about improving superficial skin wrinkles. Although some improvement in facial wrinkles can be obtained from a browlift, it will not address all the superficial lines that come from premature aging, overexposure to weather and genetics. Browlifts address drooping brows; chemical peel and skin resurfacing address textural wrinkles and imperfections.

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