L -Shot™


It's time to take back your sexuality.



Suffering with a sexual disorder can lead to partner issues and a decreased quality of life.

Research shows that better sex leads to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, less depression and improved overall health.

  1. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
    • Women who suffer with this may want to have sex but have difficulty finding the pleasure of arousal.
    • The 5% incidence rate does not sound like much until you think that is one in 20 women that suffer!
  2. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
    • This is the same as low libido.
    • This is not considered a disorder unless it is disrupting a women's life.
    • Around 10% of women suffer with this problem.
  3. Female Orgasmic Disorder
    • Again, around 1 in 20 (or 5%) women suffer from this disorder.
    • Here, women can be aroused but have difficulty with orgasm. This can be so frustrating that sex becomes a frustration they avoid. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Get your confidence back!

By injecting your own PRP (platelet rich plasma), your body can create new blood vessels and new nerves to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue.

Platelets naturally attract your own stem cells to the injected area and generate healthier, more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response (G-spot, Clitoris, Skene's Glands, urethra, and vaginal wall).


  • Decreased libido (sex drive)
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased ability to orgasm


  • PRP (platelet rich plasma) is injected into the G-spot (a space between the urethra & anterior wall of the vagina) and the clitoris
  • The full effect appears around 8-12 weeks.
  • Can have 1 to 3 initial treatments 8 weeks apart for an accumulative effect, then once a year for maintenance.
  • The L -Shot™ is an in office procedure with no downtown. You may resume intimacy the same day.

The L -Shot™ is ideal in combination with CO2RE Intima vaginal rejuvenation and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.

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