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Face it: No matter how hard you hit the gym, you can’t lose certain types of fat pockets or reach all of the muscles you need to create the toned, firm look you want. At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery in Boerne, Alamo Heights, New Braunfels, Spring Branch and San Antonio, Texas, expert facial plastic surgeon Manuel A. Lopez, MD, offers nonsurgical Evolve treatments by InMode to remodel fat, muscle, and skin with hands-free radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy. To finally achieve the beautifully sculpted physique you deserve, call the friendly staff at one of the Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery offices.

Evolve Q & A

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What is Evolve by InMode?

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Evolve by InMode is a nonsurgical total body transformation system that remodels and stimulates your fat, muscle, and skin with hands-free, relaxing therapies. At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, you can choose from one, two, or all three Evolve treatments: 

  • Evolve Tite — tightens and improves the appearance of body skin  
  • Evolve Trim — removes excess fat
  • Evolve Tone — strengthens and tones buttocks and abdominal muscles

Evolve lets you put the finishing touches on your physique comfortably and easily without the need for downtime or recovery. 

How does Evolve Tite tighten loose skin?

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If you have loose, sagging skin on your body, the radiofrequency (RF) energy transmitted by the   Evolve Tite device stimulates your skin’s healing responses to make your skin firmer and tighter. You can use Evolve Tite to remodel skin on your:

  • Upper arms 
  • Abdominal skin
  • Thighs and buttocks


Your Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery provider places up to eight hands-free devices to treat multiple areas at once if needed. The applicators deliver RF energy to the subdermal layers in your skin, triggering a collagen remodeling process. Over the next months, your skin rebuilds itself with the strong new proteins, becoming tighter, firmer, and more resilient.

You can use an Evolve Tite treatment for a nonsurgical makeover that firms your tummy, buttocks, and thighs.

How does Evolve Trim remove excess fat?

Evolve Trim consists of six hands-free devices that deliver RF energy while simultaneously vacuuming your excess fat closer to the energy source. This dual-action delivers uniform heating to even the deepest layers of fat underneath your skin. 

The heat disrupts the integrity of fat cells so they can’t function any longer. Your body gradually breaks them down and excretes them, permanently eliminating fat from your: 

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms


The heat from the Evolve Trim device also stimulates collagen remodeling in your skin. As your body gradually eliminates excess fat and remodels itself, your skin tightens slightly to make up for the loss in volume.

How does Evolve Tone strengthen and tone muscles?

Evolve Tone is a hands-free muscle toning system that uses four devices to deliver electromagnetic energy to selected muscles. The energy stimulates contractions in your abdominal and buttocks muscles to make them tighter and stronger. 

To set up your Evolve consultation and treatments, phone the Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery office closest to you, or use the online contact form. 


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