Why Eye Jobs Continue to Reign as One of the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

We can handle this for you.

Eyelid surgery, eyelid lift, blepharoplasty — whatever the name, this relatively simple procedure delivers dramatic results, which is why it’s ranked number 5 in surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States. 


At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Manuel A. Lopez, offers eyelid lifts to both men and women. 


Here’s a look at just a few of the many reasons why people are flocking to eyelid surgery to address both aesthetic and functional concerns.

Restoring youth and vibrancy


As you age, your skin begins to lose structural support, causing it to thin and droop. There are few places where this isn’t more evident than around your eyes, which develop crow’s feet, bags, and drooping lids.


Of course, age isn’t the only culprit — you may have inherited naturally puffy eyes, which tend to become more pronounced as the aging process kicks in. The end result is eyes that make you look older than you are and more tired than you feel.


With a simple blepharoplasty, we remove the excess skin and fat and tighten your lids, giving you a more youthful, vibrant appearance that refocuses the attention back to your bright eyes.

In and out


Another reason why eyelid surgery is so popular among our clients is that we perform the procedure right in our offices and you can go home the same day.


As we described above, the procedure is quite simple and typically takes us only a few hours in total. Your exact timeline depends upon whether we’re addressing your upper eyelids, your lower eyelids, or both. 


After your blepharoplasty, we send you home with complete aftercare instructions, which will help relieve any mild swelling and discomfort.


You should count on taking it easy for a week or two depending upon the extent of your individual procedure.


Once your tissue heals and the swelling and bruising have dissipated, you can go ahead and debut your new look to the world — usually about 10-14 days after your procedure. 

A matter of function


While cosmetics certainly play a large role in deciding to undergo eyelid surgery, many of our patients do so for more functional reasons. Sagging upper lids can interfere with your vision as the tissue dips below your lash line. Furthermore, lower eyelids that pull away from your eye can lead to problems with dry eyes or other issues.


With a blepharoplasty, we can clear up your vision and improve your eye health in one simple procedure.

If you’d like to explore how our eyelid lift surgery can help with both the form and function of your eyes, please contact one of our locations in Boerne and San Antonio,Texas, to set up a consultation.

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