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Say Hello to CoolSculpting and Goodbye to That Muffin Top

It’s amazing how quickly fat can take up residence on your body, mocking your every effort at getting rid of it. And this is especially true of abdominal fat for both men and women. If you find that your belly is popping out of your clothing around your waistline, our innovative fat-freezing technology — CoolSculpting — is the perfect solution.

At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, our team wants to ensure that our patients have access to the very latest technologies for looking and feeling their best. As part of our extensive suite of options, we’re pleased to offer CoolSculpting, an innovative and FDA-cleared treatment to reduce fat in your abdomen.

Here’s a look at how CoolSculpting works and what you can expect.

Fighting abdominal fat

For both men and women, abdominal fat can be a tough target, largely because both genders are biologically wired to store fat in this area. More specifically, men tend to carry extra fat out front, while women tend to store fat all around their pelvic and abdominal regions. In either case, however, a muffin top is often the unfortunate outcome.

What this means is that when you attempt to lose weight, your body chooses where it sheds the pounds and your abdomen may be fairly low on the list, no matter how hard you try and target the area.

Enter CoolSculpting

One of the primary advantages of our CoolSculpting system is that we’re able to target your problematic fat directly. With this innovative system, we can eliminate up to 20-25% of the fat layer thickness in your target area, often in just one session.

The CoolSculpting treatment is completely non-invasive — you simply lay back as we place the specialized applicator over your target area. Once in place, we deliver the cooling energy into your fat, which destroys fat cells in a process called cryolipolysis.

When your CoolSculpting treatment is over, you’re free to get back to your normal daily routine with no downtime.

Over the weeks following your CoolSculpting session, your body flushes out the destroyed fat cells, giving you a slimmer abdominal area.

In many cases, you may benefit from a series of treatments, depending upon your goals and target areas. We space these treatments apart by two to three months to allow time for your body to respond and gradually reshape itself.

Beyond the belly

If you’re interested in tackling your muffin top, you may want to include other areas while you’re at it. CoolSculpting is cleared to treat stubborn fat in nine areas, including:

To get on the road to a slimmer you, please contact one of our five Texas offices to set up your CoolSculpting appointment.

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