Restore Vaginal Tone and Sensation With Our Non-Surgical Solution

Women have long kept silent when their vaginal health declined, robbing them of their sexual confidence. Thanks to advanced laser technologies, we can now rejuvenate your vaginal tissue, externally and internally, for better form and function.

While our name — Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery — emphasizes surgical solutions, Dr. Manuel Lopez and our team understand the significance of emerging laser technologies in resolving a wide range of cosmetic and functional issues without resorting to surgery. Included in this are problems with vaginal health, including loss of tone and sensitivity.

Herer’s a look at how we can rejuvenate your vaginal health with our cutting-edge CO2RE® Intima laser system.

Behind declining vaginal tissue health

Several problems can lead to a loss of vaginal tone and sensitivity, with age leading the charge.

During your peak reproductive years, you enjoy high amounts of estrogen, which regulates your vaginal tissue health to a great degree. These hormones ensure your vaginal tissue is well lubricated and enjoys ample elasticity to encourage intercourse and accommodate childbirth.

As you begin to transition out of your reproductive years and your estrogen levels drop, your tissue can become thinner and less lubricated. In fact, nearly 50% of women who transition through menopause report problems with vaginal dryness and painful sex. 

While the loss of tone is certainly one of the chief complaints, a second complaint is the loss of sensation that comes with a decline in circulation, which can affect nerve health and sensitivity.

Outside of age, childbirth can also greatly affect your vaginal tissue, leaving it more lax, both inside and out. As well, certain treatments, such as chemotherapy, can also negatively impact your vaginal health.

Restoring your vaginal health

When we researched our options, we chose the CO2RE Intima laser system because of its versatility in addressing the three areas of concern when it comes to a woman’s intimate health: external, internal, and introitus (the vaginal opening).

This innovative laser system works by remodeling the tissue with collagen — the protein responsible for your tissue’s tone. At the same time, we can increase vascularization and innervation within the tissue during the remodeling, a process that helps with sensitivity.

To accomplish this, we deliver CO2 laser energy into your vaginal tissue using one of the CO2RE handpieces, which elicits the collagen and rebuilding response.

In other words, if childbirth has left you with external laxity concerns, we can use CO2RE Intima to firm up the tissue, giving you more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable genitalia.

Or, if age has robbed your internal tissue of its sensitivity and tone, we use a specially designed handpiece to restore health to your vaginal walls and opening.

The CO2RE treatments are minimally invasive, and most of our patients realize optimal benefits from three treatments spaced apart by three weeks.

To rejuvenate your vaginal health, contact one of our locations in Boerne, Alamo Heights, New Braunfels, Spring Branch, or San Antonio,Texas.

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