I'm Not Ready for A Facelift: Should I Try Facetite?

I'm Not Ready for A Facelift: Should I Try Facetite?

Do you find yourself in front of the mirror, pulling back the skin on the lower half of your face or around your neck to find that younger version of yourself again? While you understand that a facelift would remedy the sagging skin, maybe you’re not ready to take that surgical leap. 

There is another solution — one in which you won’t be sacrificing great results by opting for a minimally invasive approach to recontouring your skin. Called FaceTite®, Dr. Manuel Lopez here at Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer this highly effective anti-aging technology.

Here’s a look at how FaceTite can dial back the years in your face, without surgery.

What happens to aging skin

To better understand the genius behind our FaceTite technology, let’s first quickly review how your skin changes over time.

One of the primary aging forces is the breakdown of collagen in your skin, which is the structural protein responsible for the support in most of your body’s tissues. The breakdown is perfectly natural as you age, but it can be accelerated by exposure to the sun and certain bad habits, such as smoking.

As a result of the breakdown in collagen, your skin can sag, allowing deep lines to develop, such as the nasolabial folds on either side of your mouth. At the same time, as your skin loosens, the thin layer of fat beneath your skin migrates downward, collecting in the lowest areas, such as your jowls and under your chin.

A combination approach to aging skin

The genius behind FaceTite is that we’re able to address both aging issues — sagging skin and fat deposits — using just one technology.

FaceTite features a fork-like device that includes a cannula and an electrode. We insert the cannula just under the surface of your skin and the electrode travels across the surface of your skin, opposite the cannula below.

The cannula emits radio frequency (RF) energy that travels through your skin toward the electrode. The RF energy melts your fat (a process known as lipolysis) to reduce fat deposits and recontour your skin. At the same time, the RF energy tightens your skin by eliciting a collagen response in your tissue.

Where FaceTite is most effective

Our FaceTite technology can work wonders on the lower half of your face, particularly around your jowls and under your chin.

Little downtime and great results

While the results of a Facetite procedure may approach those of a Facelift, that’s where the similarities end. Since FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure, we only use local anesthesia, and there’s very little downtime or recovery afterward.

After your FaceTite procedure, you may have some minor bruising and swelling around the small incision sites, but these side effects resolve quickly, and they shouldn’t prevent you from getting back to your daily routine in a day or two.

The results of your FaceTite procedure are both immediate and gradual. You will notice a difference immediately after your procedure, but the results only get better over the following 3-6 months as new collagen tightens your skin from below.

If you’re not ready for a facelift and you want to explore FaceTite, contact one of our Texas locations in Stone Oak in San Antonio, as well as Boerne, to schedule an appointment.

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