Help! I Have Crow's Feet

Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that form on the outside corners of your eyes. They are often some of the first to form on your face, serving as an unwelcome reminder that you’re getting older. Thankfully, there are several ways we can place the focus back on your eyes and not your age.

While the name of our practice is Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Manuel Lopez and our team offer the most advanced cosmetic and anti-aging services, many of which are non-surgical. And when it comes to crow’s feet, the good news is that we can tackle these unwanted lines using one of two minimally invasive techniques, which we outline here.

Where do crow’s feet come from?

Before we get into how we approach treating crow’s feet, it’s helpful to understand a little more about what we’re up against. Two types of wrinkles can form on your face: dynamic and static. 

Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that form when a muscle contracts, such as those around your eyes. Every time you smile or squint, the muscles involved in these expressions create lines at the corners of your eyes, which disappear when your muscles are at rest.

But with repetition, age, exposure, and the loss of collagen, dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet can become static wrinkles, which means they’re present even when you’re not contracting your muscles to form an expression.

Quieting your muscles

One of the quickest solutions for dynamic crow’s feet are neuromodulators like Botox® and Dysport®, which work by relaxing the muscles that create the lines.

Both of these solutions come in the form of cosmetic injectables. That means that getting rid of crow’s feet is just a few injections away. In fact, it only takes us minutes to strategically inject Botox or Dysport, and your results take shape during the week following your appointment with us.

Most of our patients enjoy up to four months of wrinkle-free results, at which point they simply return for another round.

Rebuilding from within

If your crow’s feet have become static wrinkles around your eyes, we recommend a minimally invasive laser treatment that helps smooth your skin by creating a collagen response. More specifically, we turn to our advanced Morpheus8 technology, which delivers radiofrequency energy into your tissue through small needles.

The energy we deliver with Morpheus8 is absorbed by your tissue as heat, which creates a coagulation and collagen response.

Over the weeks following your Morpheus8 treatment, your skin gradually lifts and smooths, making wrinkles like crow’s feet fade away.

If you want to explore which approach is best for reducing or eliminating your crow’s feet, contact one of our four locations in Alamo Heights, Boerne, New Braunfels, or San Antonio, Texas, to set up a consultation. 

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