3 Reasons Why We Love Hydrafacial

3 Reasons Why We Love Hydrafacial

Every night, you lay out your skin care products and get to work, cleansing, scrubbing, and applying special serums and moisturizers. Making matters more complicated, you’re not really sure whether you’ve chosen the right products for your skin. Fortunately, we can take the guesswork out of your skin care regimen and bring out the best in your skin in just one quick-and-easy, monthly treatment.

Called the Hydrafacial®, Dr. Manuel Lopez and the team here at Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery are pleased to offer this innovative skin care service.

If you’d like to explore why so many of our clients have come to rely on the Hydrafacial to keep their skin healthy, here are three reasons why you should make Hydrafacial a part of your routine, too.

1. Deep cleansing and light peeling

The first step in a Hydrafacial is getting rid of the dirt and dead skin cells across the surface of your skin to encourage skin cell turnover. As you age, your skin cells may not turn over as quickly, which is why routinely removing dead and damaged skin cells can speed up this process.

With Hydrafacial, we provide a deep cleanse with Vortex-Exfoliation™ and a light peel with Vortex-Peel™, which gently resurfaces your skin to pave the way for healthy, new cell growth.

2. Extraction and hydration

Once we clear dirt and debris from the surface of your skin, we turn to your pores that often harbor dead skin cells and dirt. Using Hydrafacial’s proprietary Vortex-Extraction™  device, we painlessly vacuum everything from your pores, allowing your skin to produce healthy, nourishing oil that provides a special glow.

We also apply moisturizers to your skin during this stage now that we’ve cleared the surface and pores.

3. Fuse and protect

With your skin newly refreshed, we fuse and protect these results by saturating your skin with specialized serums that contain peptides and antioxidants that will keep your skin glowing for weeks.

The real reason why you’ll love Hydrafacial

From our perspective, we love Hydrafacial because it approaches your skin care comprehensively and we’re also able to tailor your facial to your needs and skin type. The reason why we think you’ll love the Hydrafacial is that we can accomplish all of this in just 30 minutes.

To make Hydrafacial an even clearer choice, we offer Hydrafacial memberships, which allow you to keep up with your monthly facials at a discount.

To greet the holidays and the new year with vibrant, glowing skin, contact one of our offices in the San Antonio area, including Alamo Heights, Stone Oak, and Boerne, Texas, to schedule your Hydrafacial.

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