The Secret to Getting a Natural-Looking Facelift

While cosmetic injectables and laser therapies may help reduce the signs of aging in your face, sometimes they may just not be enough.This incredibly effective procedure can help erase the years, giving you a fresher, more vibrant look.

The goal of a facelift is to help your outward appearance better match your youthful spirit on the inside, so you don’t want to come out the other side looking plastic or fake. That means you should carefully consider who performs your facelift.

At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Manuel Lopez and our team have extensive experience helping individuals achieve their aesthetic goals, especially when it comes to a highly visible facelift

Here’s a look at what you should consider when getting a facelift so that you’re rewarded with a natural, vibrant appearance.

Behind the aging in your face and neck

To better understand what we can accomplish with a facelift, let’s briefly take a look at what we’re up against. The primary goal of a facelift, as the name implies, is to lift and smooth aging skin.

Starting in your 20s, your collagen production gradually declines. As the protein primarily responsible for the support in your tissues, this loss gradually leads to sagging skin.

At the same time, exposure to the sun breaks down the collagen fibers in your skin (photoaging), which can accelerate the aging process.

No two facelifts are the same

While there’s little we can do to reverse aging, we can create a new canvas that better matches your unique vitality. With a facelift, we restore the youthful contours of your face by tightening your tissue and redistributing fat and muscle, if necessary.

While this process may seem simple enough, a facelift is anything but simple, especially when it’s performed correctly.

At our practice, we believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to your cosmetic goals, so we take the time to truly study your face to better understand the aging issues and natural contours.

Dr. Lopez  believes that balanced rejuvenation should be the goal of a facelift, which means that we don’t simply charge in and tighten your skin. Instead, we evaluate your face to determine how to best provide you with a more youthful appearance that enhances your unique characteristics.

For example, if your neck is what bothers you most, a neck lift on its own may not be the best approach. The skin on your neck is directly impacted by the tissue on the lower half of your face so we often combine a neck lift with a mid-facelift. In this way, the transition from your neck to your face is seamless.

As another example, we can concentrate on specific areas for a more harmonious effect, like lifting the lower half of your face along with your brows or eyelids.

In other words, our goal is to figure out the right combination of target areas to provide you with natural-looking results that restore a younger version of yourself, not a plastic version that no one can recognize.

If you’d like to explore a customized facelift with us, please contact one of our locations in Alamo Heights, Boerne, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas.

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