Evolve®: Your Answer to Loose Skin

You’ve worked hard to keep your body tight and toned, but Mother Nature seems to have other plans, especially as you age. If you’re hiding loose, saggy skin underneath clothing, we have the perfect solution — Evolve by InMode.

At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Manuel Lopez and our team take great pride in offering our clients the most innovative products and procedures available, which includes our Evolve system. With Evolve, we can not only tighten loose skin, but tone your body and reduce your fat.

Here’s a look at how Evolve offers the perfect trifecta for your body.

That sag in your skin

There are many reasons why your skin may loosen, including:

Unfortunately, once your skin loosens, it usually doesn’t bounce back readily, which is where our Evolve system comes in.

Tightening up with Evolve

Our Evolve system is extremely versatile and features three different modes, including Evolve TITE. With Evolve TITE, we can place up to eight hands-free devices on your body, which deliver radiofrequency energy deep into your tissue. 

The energy heats the subdermal layers to a specific therapeutic level — a level at which we’re able to trigger a collagen response in your skin. After your Evolve TITE treatments, your skin begins to rebuild from below with renewed collagen, which provides a stronger structural support system that lifts and tightens your skin.

Loose skin tends to develop in certain areas more than others, such as around your:

The good news is that Evolve can treat all of these areas.

Toning with Evolve

Another reason why your skin may feel loose is a lack of tone. With Evolve TONE, we can use four devices to deliver magnetic stimulation into your muscles, causing them to contract. In other words, Evolve TONE gives your muscles a workout without having to go to the gym.

Over the course of your Evolve TONE treatments, your muscles become stronger and more toned, which should resolve some of that “jiggle.”

Fighting fat with Evolve

While this blog is about tightening sagging skin, we’d also like to mention that our Evolve system can tackle stubborn pockets of fat, as well.

Called Evolve TRIM, we first vacuum your fat cells into position and then deliver a uniform heating energy into them, which disrupts the cells’ ability to store fat. Over time, your body flushes away the destroyed fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer profile.

Not only does this energy reduce the number of fat cells in your treatment areas, but it also causes the same collagen response that Evolve TITE does, which helps tighten your skin at the same time.

If you’d like to achieve the tight, toned body of your dreams, contact one of our offices in the San Antonio area, including Alamo Heights or Stone Oak, Texas, to schedule your Evolve treatments.

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