Forget the Turtlenecks: Surgery-Free Kybella® Can Banish Your Double Chin for Good

The dreaded double chin is an equal opportunity offender, affecting people of all ages and sizes. If you’re among the many who hide behind turtlenecks and scarves to camouflage your double chin, there’s good news — the FDA has approved an injectable treatment that shrinks away your double chin.

At Advanced Aesthetics Lopez Plastic Surgery, Dr. Manuel A. Lopez and our team provide a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical solutions for your aesthetic needs from head to toe. We pride ourselves on offering the very latest products and services that help you reach your aesthetic goals. This is why we offer Kybella — a product that makes quick work of double chins.

Here’s a look at how surgery-free Kybella can banish your double chin for good.

A double-take

Before we get into how Kybella works, let’s take a quick look at how your double chin may have developed in the first place. As we mentioned earlier, a double chin affects both men and women of all ages and sizes and can form for many reasons, including:

Often, it’s a combination of factors that lend themselves toward an emerging double chin, such as the loss of support in your skin as you age combined with carrying excess fat. Whatever the reason for your double chin, the good news is that we can eliminate it using only an injectable treatment.

How Kybella works

The key ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid — a naturally occurring molecule in your body that helps break down and absorb dietary fat. When we inject Kybella into your double chin, the synthetic version of this acid goes to work to destroy the fat in the area, shrinking it away.

Most of our patients require a series of treatments, usually no more than six, which we administer one month apart to allow time for Kybella to go to work in between treatments. Each session takes just 15-20 minutes, during which time we perform several injections to ensure that we target all of the fat.

As you progress through your treatments, you’ll see gradual improvements as your body flushes away the destroyed fat cells. If you need the full six treatments, your optimal results will be evident about 6-12 weeks after your final treatment, making the entire process about six to eight months long. If you require fewer treatments, you can expect your final results sooner.

But your results are worth the wait as you proudly show off a prominent chin that isn’t overshadowed by an unwelcome layer of fat.

To get started on banishing your double chin with surgery-free Kybella, we invite you to contact one of our five conveniently located locations in Spring Branch, New Braunfels, Boerne, and San Antonio, Texas, to set up an appointment.

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